How to Choose Your Home Inspector

Attributes to look for in a Home Inspector

Training, Credentials, Education, Background, Experience
Does the inspector have one or more association certifications with ASHI or NACHI
Integrity: honest, on time, available for follow-up
Observation skills: No one catches it all, but must find the big fish; safety issues or costly repairs/replacement
Inspection protocols & process: who will go the extra mile?
Presentation & communication skills: informing the client while keeping them at ease

Buyer or Realtor: Questions to ask when selecting a Home Inspector

How long they have been in business
How many inspections performed
What sets them apart from other inspectors
Ask for three recommendations, or read their reviews on google, yelp, etc.
Are they covered with “errors & omissions” and general liability insurance
Who are you certified with ASHI, NACHI, GAHI, ICC
Ask them to send you their credentials (insurance, certifications, license)
Ask them to send a recent sample report to review
How long the inspection will take (2.5 to 5 hrs normal depending on size & age)
Who will actually be performing the inspection (multi firms often have rookies)
What special tools do you utilized (thermal camera, moisture meter, gas detector, etc.)
What association standard of practice do you follow
Please verbally walk me through the highlights of your entire inspection process system by system
Do you walk on the roof
Do you give a picture presentation at the end to explain all the findings
After the inspection how long before I get the report
Is the inspector associated with any company that can perform repairs identified by the inspection. They shouldn’t be.

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