Home Maintenance Inspections

  • Preformed for a variety of Owner reasons; checkup, specific issue, 2nd home, etc.
  • Check-up for your home
  • Report will help prioritize your home improvement list
  • Report will show were neglected areas of the home
  • Inspection evaluates areas seldom seen by the Owner
  • Often a maintenance inspection can “dig a little deeper” than a normal inspection
  • Opportunity to ask any question about your home to an unbiased home consultant
  • Schedule you maintenance inspection today and received free pdf home maintenance manuals

A maintenance home inspection is basically the same as a standard home inspection, but is performed for the current home owner who typically has some concerns about issues going on with home. Other home owners just want a home check-up because maybe they didn’t have a home inspection at the time they purchased it. Some home owners want maintenance inspections on their 2nd home or on their rental property to determine current repair needs. Some owners are uncertain on how to properly maintain their houses and want to be sure they are not missing important issues which can lead to larger problems, if not addressed timely and properly.

A maintenance inspection could be considered like a checkup visit to the doctor or dentist, but is only needed every five years or so. The provided comprehensive inspection report will assist the owner in prioritizing their home improvement list, and often the report will describe small problems before they become expensive ones. In rare cases, a maintenance inspection will reveal significant structural or moisture entry problems. The report will give the owner insight into how well they are maintaining their home and where some neglected areas might be. The inspection evaluates areas in the home that owners often do not go in such as the crawlspaces or attics. The report helps the owner understand the current condition and operation of the major mechanical systems in their home including HVAC, gas, plumbing, and electrical. Unlike a typical buyer inspection where the inspection is limited to visual only, often during a maintenance inspection the home owner can give approval to “dig a little deeper” into potential issues; i.e., allow dismantling of system components for better observation or drilling small holes to use a borescope for suspected moisture intrusion areas.

A maintenance inspection also gives home owners the opportunity to have a professional home consultant answer any questions they may have in a neutral unbiased manner since the home inspector does not perform any contractor work. Owners have all sorts of interesting questions about their home and all questions are acknowledged. The maintenance inspection will teach you a lot about your home and how to take care of it and it comes with some free pdf home maintenance manuals.

If you have a consistent problem with your home that you haven’t figured out yet, you want to prioritize repairs, learn about the overall condition of your house, or just get an unbiased opinion on home improvements, give Conley Home Inspections, LLC a call to schedule your detailed home maintenance inspection.