Termite Inspections

Although structural issues are typically obvious and standout there are subterranean insects that can cause destructive concealed damage to a home’s wood structure. Therefore, it is essential that you find out if termites could be a potential issue in your home by having Conley Home Inspections provide you with a termite inspection and letter.

A “termite letter” is a term that refers to the termite report named “Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report”. This document verifies if any there was any evidence of active or previous infestation of wood-destroying organisms such as termites or beetles. The report also indicates other important information including earth-to-wood contact or if any parts of the home were inaccessible during the inspection. It requires experience and certification to provide an accurate termite letter.

Some lenders require termite letters and some do not. However, as a buyer or seller a termite letter is essential for any real estate transaction and is strongly recommended. Although no longer required in Georgia for a real estate transaction, termite inspections during the “due diligence period” have become much more common place. Because termites can cause such excessive damage to the property’s structure its essential you know the property is free of any infestations.

Don’t rely on your untrained eye to give your home a termite inspection believing that a professional termite inspection is unnecessary. It requires a trained and licensed professional to spot the signs and clues that termites leave behind. They stay very well hidden and can easy go unnoticed for years causing extensive amount of damage. Termites work from the inside out, so they can cause widespread damage and can even compromise the structural integrity of a home. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), termites cause $5 billion in damage every year, more than fire and windstorm combined.

In Georgia and Atlanta, the most common termite species is the subterranean. They are social insects that live in nests or colonies in the soil, hence their name “subterranean.” These colonies contain three forms or castes: reproductives, workers and soldiers and the queen termite lays about 150 eggs per day. Due to the Atlanta warm rainy climate, termite infestations are a serious issue year-round with the most active time being in the spring months when they emerge in swarms from floors and walls of a home. This swarming occurrence can be quite distressing, as the insects shed their wings and begin crawling and searching for a mate to then burrow back into the home only to produce more termites. Colonies of termites may only live in the soil under homes for several years before they eventually find their way inside basements, crawl spaces, and through concrete slabs through very small cracks and gaps.

If active termites are found the vast majority of the time the home is still safe to live it. Typically most conditions are treatable and structural issues are repairable. When an infestation is found our partner Contractors Best Pest Solutions will provide you with a very reasonable and competitive quote for treating the home. The treatment costs typically can be resolved between the agents and seller.

When you choose Conley Home Inspections, LLC for your professional home inspection its highly recommended to bundle your inspection service with ancillary services, including Radon Testing, Mold Sampling and a Termite Letter. Do not risk costly repairs. You save when you bundle these services and you will get peace of mind that you home is free and clear of issues, safe and livable. Conley Inspections partners with Contractors Best Pest Solutions to provide termite letters and quotes for treatment in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

To find out more about our termite inspections and order a termite letter, call Conley Home Inspections, LLC today!