Rental Property Inspections

These type of inspections are similar to maintenance inspections, but focus on the condition and repairs necessary for the next tenant to move into the property. We serve customers who are investors, landlords, property managers, tenants, lenders or the like.

The benefits of a rental Inspections include the following:

  • Facilitate the leasing process
  • Identify defects, damage and needed repairs
  • Reduce deposit disagreements
  • Validate deposit retainage
  • Help prevent lawsuits
  • Document tenants care and maintenance of the property

The following rental inspection services that can be customized to suit your needs.
A pre-occupancy or pre move-in inspection is performed to assess and document the condition of a property prior to a tenant entering into a leasing agreement. This protects all parties concerned as it become the baseline condition of the property at the beginning of the lease which reduces the chances of disputes at a later date.

A post-occupancy or move-out inspection is performed to assess and document the condition of a property just at the time the tenant and owner terminate their lease agreement and the tenant is moving out. This report can be compared to the pre-occupancy report to determine how much if any of the security deposit should be retained. Also, this report provides a list of the needed repairs so the manager can get quotes, budget, and schedule contractors to perform the work necessary to ready the property for the next tenant.

We also provide a routine maintenance type inspection for rental properties that can be performed on a regular basis to ensure there are no issues are causing unknown damage. This type of inspection will document items that need attention soon before they become worse and cause costly repairs. Correcting a roof flashing problem early can prevent thousands of dollars if left unattended.

Another type of rental inspection is a drive-by only inspection where we do not enter the property. We can observe certain types of lease violations without stepping foot on the property so notification is not required. Some items we can determine in a drive-by are upkeep, unapproved pets, over-occupancy and illegal activities. The report will provide you with the necessity document you may need in legal proceedings.

Reports will be delivered via email either the same day or within 24-48 depending on the complexity and size of the inspection. Reports include color photos with full descriptions of issues/problems as well as recommendations for improvements that can improve the value of the rental property and maintain its habitability, safety, and integrity.