Pre-Drywall Inspection Process

The major focus during Pre-Drywall Inspections are finding issues related to structure, code compliance, missing items and damaged materials. Below are a list of the categories and components that are examined and reviewed during the pre-drywall inspection process performed by Conley Home Inspections, LLC:

  • EXTERIOR – Sheathing, Building Wrap, Flashing, Siding, Brick, Stone, Porch/Patio Covers, Eaves, Fascia, Frieze, Trim
  • ATTIC – Framing, Spans, Purlins, Collar Ties, Cracked Trusses, Gusset Plates, Proper Bearing, Hurricane Clips, Roof Sheathing, Missing H-Clips, Hangers, Attic Platform, Attic Access
  • WALLS – Studs; Spacing, Missing, Cracked, or Bowed, Fire-Foam, Nail Protective Guard Plates, Transfer Load Bundled Studs, Metal Straps, T-Wall Blocking, Anchor Bolts, Fasteners
  • FLOOR JOISTS – TJI Joist Damage, Open Web Trusses Damage, Hangers, Squash Blocks, Mold, Fasteners, Damaged Sub-flooring, Proper Bearing, Over-notching, Sloped, Spongy, LVL Beams
  • WINDOWS – Flashing, Insulation Foam
  • FIREPLACE – Prefab Installation, Flue Clearances from Combustibles
  • PLUMBING – Proper Pipe Slopes, Visible Glue, Water Supply Test Gauge, Drain Pipe Water Test, Loose Faucets/Fixtures
  • HVAC – Supply Ducts to Rooms, Return Ducts, Ducts Turned >90°, Supports, Straps, Registers, Furnace, Air Handler, Gas Piping
  • ELECTRICAL – Quantity & Location of Rough-in Boxes for Switches, Receptacles, and Lights, Nail Protective Plates, Wires under Staples, Data Cat-5/6, Coaxial

If you are building a home in the greater Atlanta area, such as Johns Creek, Cumming, Alpharetta, Duluth, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Milton, or anywhere in Fulton County and need a pre-drywall inspection done, contact Rob Conley today!