New Home Final Inspections

  • Preformed near closing time
  • New Homes are held to a higher standard than older homes
  • Must adhere to current building codes and new manufacture installation standards
  • Municipal Inspectors only check code compliance, not quality, and review time is short
  • Many other issues can arise besides code compliance issues
  • Subcontractors are in a hurry and often do sloppy work
  • Builders often are over extended and items get overlooked
  • An independent Home Inspection is another layer of quality control, so call us today!

A new home inspection is performed just prior to closing or around the time of the walk-thru on a newly constructed home. Conley Home Inspections, LLC recognizes a brand new home should be held to a higher standard of quality installation than an older home. A new home inspection includes all of the processes of a standard home inspection, but goes beyond that by holding the home components to new manufactured installation standards and current building codes. Conley Home Inspections, LLC will help ensure that your home looks, functions and operates as new.

People often ask me, why does my newly constructed home need a 3rd party independent inspection. Even though the builder’s or contractor’s work is inspected by a county or local building official, no municipal inspector spends the extra time a home inspector does checking out all the various components and systems in a home. Furthermore, often problems or conditions with the home do not necessarily violate a code, but yet they can have serious consequences for the new home owner. Also, most subcontractors are in a rush to complete your home and get to their next project, so some items get missed or installed improperly. One subcontractor may inadvertently damage another subcontractor’s work which can go undetected by the builder. As good as some builders may be, typically a superintendent is overseeing 10-20 homes and items often do “fall through the cracks”. Builders are beginning to appreciate the independent home inspection because it offers another layer of quality control for them. So call Conley Home Inspections, LLC today, a smart way to protect your investment.