Septic Load Evaluations

fallout of a backed up septic system

Conley Home Inspections, LLC recommends a septic load dye evaluation if there has been no septic system maintenance history, when there are suspicious wet ground areas, if there are known soil problems, or if other historic or site conditions causes concerns about the condition of the septic system. Septic system loading dye tests are often requested by some lenders.

illustration of an underground septic system

The load evaluation often involves:

  • Running 250-500 gallons of water with a special dye through the system
  • Placing a working load on the septic ground absorption system
  • Testing the function of the septic system
  • Focusing on the condition of the effluent disposal section of the septic system (also known as the drainage field, leach field, or seepage pits)

Note: During the evaluation, occasionally waste water & dye flows up through the ground surface or backs-up into lower level tubs, both indicate septic failure.

This unsanitary condition requiring further evaluation by a licensed septic system contractor qualified to inspect, repair and clean septic systems. The load test will not reveal the complete condition of the system. A complete septic system evaluation uncovers defects in the system which can save unexpected expense. Such an inspection, to have the system load-dye tested and with tank top removed is provided by Conley Inspection, LLC.