Septic Load Evaluations

Conley Home Inspections, LLC recognizes a properly operating septic system is essential to the function of a home. Believe it or not, 1 in 5 homes in the USA are connected to some type of private septic system. The septic system is too often the last thing on the mind of a home buyer until after they move in and there is a problem with the septic system. We want to eliminate that hassle & expense and give the buyer piece of mind about their septic system.

It’s recommended a septic load dye evaluation is performed if there is no septic system maintenance history, when there are suspicious wet ground areas, if there are known soil problems, or if other historic or site conditions cause concerns about the condition of the septic system. Also, septic system loading dye tests are often requested by some lenders.

The load evaluation involves running 250-500 gallons of water with a special dye through the system sufficient to place a working load on the septic ground absorption system and test the function of the septic system. This evaluation primarily focuses on the condition of the effluent disposal section of the septic system which is also known as the drainage field, leach field, or seepage pits.

During the evaluation, occasionally waste water & dye flows up through the ground surface or backs-up into lower level tubs, both of which indicate septic failure. This is an unsanitary condition requiring further evaluation by a licensed septic system contractor qualified to inspect, repair and clean septic systems.

Although the septic load dye test method can find many costly failures that may otherwise go unnoticed until shortly after moving-in, by no means can it find every type of septic failure. By itself, the load test will not reveal the complete condition of the system, rather a complete septic system inspection with tank top removed provides that. Although a septic loading evaluation is complimentary to full septic tank system inspection, it should always precede it, otherwise the load evaluation will become invalid as the pumping/cleaning of the tank prevents proper loading of the drain-field lines.

Septic load evaluations with dye have revealed many failed septic systems, so they are well worth performing especially before going to the expense of pumping out the septic tank. A septic evaluation can uncovers defects in the system which can save the buyer unexpected expense down-the-road. Call Conley Home Inspections, LLC today to have your septic system load-dye tested.