Mold Inspections

air samples being collected

Conley Home Inspections, LLC is especially trained and certified in both air quality and mold inspections. Mold refers to fungi that are a necessary part of life, however elevated mold levels may cause health issues that can go undiagnosed.

A Mold inspection starts with a visual inspection of any suspected areas of water intrusion or leaks which may lead to recommending air and/or surface samples taken in those areas. The goal is to identify the possible threat of mold, take samples to send to the Lab, and 24 hours later receive the results which will help determine if the home or building environment is safe for the occupants.

Conley Home Inspections, LLC performs mold assessment of property through visual and sampling to determine if there is presence of mold growth or conditions conducive to such growth.

Mold samples and analysis includes:

  • Air Samples mold spore traps taken from rooms & inside walls
  • Surface samples (tape or swaps)
  • Material bulk samples (drywall, insulation, carpet pieces)
  • Water samples for stagnate water or condensate drain pans
  • Two air samples are taken and the process takes about 30-minutes.
  • A sample is taken outside to determine the baseline of spore types and counts
  • Another sample is taken inside the home in suspected areas
  • When there is visible mold in the home, a swap or tape sample can be utilized which will determine the genus and species of the growing mold
  • All samples are overnight-ed to a Lab for analysis
  • Mold reports are issued the next business day
black mold infestation

Conley Inspections, LLC will provide direction regarding types of recommended remediation if mold is found in the home. In typical cases areas smaller than 10SF can be cleaned by the owner. For larger areas, it is highly recommended that a mold remediation specialist properly eliminates the problem.

Conley Inspections, LLC follows the standard practice set forth by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAQ2). Contact Conley Inspections, LLC today for recommendations, pricing and to schedule a mold inspection and sample test.

We proudly serve the greater Atlanta area, including Johns Creek, Cumming, Alpharetta, Duluth, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Milton, and more. Contact us to schedule your mold inspection.