Mold Inspections

Mold is a term that refers to fungi which grows in the formation of multi-cellular thread-like structures named hyphae. Believe it or not, mold is everywhere and is a necessary part of the life cycle. However, elevated mold levels inside the home may cause health issues that can go undiagnosed. We offer mold inspections to help you get to the bottom of these type of issues.
Conley Home Inspections, LLC is specially trained and certified in both air quality and mold inspections. A mold inspection starts with a visual inspection of the home in the suspected areas of water intrusion and may require air and/or surface samples. The goal is to identify the possible threat of mold, take samples to send to the Lab, receive the results which will help determine if the home or building environment is safe for the occupants.

    Types of mold samples include:

  • Air Samples mold spore traps taken from rooms & inside walls
  • Surface samples (tape or swaps)
  • Material bulk samples (drywall, insulation, carpet pieces)
  • Water samples for stagnate water or condensate drain pans

Conley Home Inspections can perform a mold assessment of the property through visual assessment and any necessary sampling to determine if there is presence of mold growth or conditions conducive to mold growth. Air sampling requires that two air samples are taken and the process take about 30 minutes. A sample is taken outside to determine the baseline of spore types and counts. Another sample is taken inside the home in the suspected area which determines the interior spore types and counts. When there is visible mold in the home a swap or tape sample can be utilized which will determine the genus and species of the growing mold. All samples are overnight-ed to a Lab for analysis and the Lab produces and emails the mold report the next business day. When the air sample has no mold, the spore types inside the home will be similar to those outside and with lower concentrations.

Air samples can convey a broad overview of the fungal ecology in the home and provide direction regarding types of recommended remediation to proceed with. If mold is found in your home we will recommend problems are corrected in a timely manner. Areas that are smaller than 10 SF typically can be cleaned yourself, but areas greater than 10 SF, it’s highly recommended that a mold remediation specialist properly eliminate the problem. When providing mold sampling service, Conley Home Inspections, LLC follows the standard of practice set forth by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAQ2). Give Conley Home Inspections, LLC a call today for recommendations, pricing and to schedule a mold inspection and sample test.