Buyer / Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Inspection is performed for the Buyer
  • Inspection is neutral, unbiased, independent
  • Performed by a Certified Professional
  • Informs Buyer of any concerns with the home
  • Inspection Process 3-6 hours
  • Buyer should attend entire inspection or at end for presentation
  • Report ready for download by end of the next day or sooner
  • Include well organized, detailed report with photos, description & locations
  • Most items found will be minor or maintenance with low cost
  • Some items will relate to safety and are priority concerns
  • Sometimes costly major defects are found
  • The Inspector will educate the Buyer to problems that need addressing
  • The Inspector will educate the Buyer to units nearing the end of their service life
  • The Report helps the Buyer determine the cost needed to make repairs
  • The Report can be used as a price negotiation tool with the Owner
  • Let the inspection process remove uncertainty and give you peace of mind

A standard buyer inspection is performed for a home buyer who is purchasing a home of any age, size or type. The inspection is performed in a neutral, unbiased, independent manner by a qualified inspector to determine the condition of the property at the time of the inspection and provide a detailed report to convey that information. It’s essential for many reasons to have a home inspected before the end of the due diligence period. In today’s market, the vast majority of buyers hire a home inspector before they purchase a home. This allows the buyer to make their final purchasing decision with their “eyes wide open” as sometimes the inspection can bring to light costly defects. The inspector will investigate the property for 3-6 hours depending on the size and age. It’s encouraged that the buyer be at the home inspection to learn about their home and the issues found during the process, or at a minimum at the end of the inspection for a picture presentation covering the concerns. The report will be ready by the end of the next day or sooner if requested. Information from the home inspection process will be detailed in a concise easy to understand report that includes photos, descriptions and locations.

Most of the items in a home inspection report will be maintenance recommendations and minor imperfections, however sometimes major defects will be discovered. Even though many issues may be low cost simple repairs, others problems found may be expensive or involve safety concerns for the occupants. Home buyers often get excited about finding their dream property and may not realize that all homes have issues, with some being more expensive than others. The home inspector’s job is to educate the buyer about the home’s problems, so they can fully comprehend any significant issues that need to be corrected before or soon after closing. Another objective is to inform the buyer of any current components or units that may be nearing the end of their useful service life. Having this knowledge should minimize any future surprises in home ownership.

A buyer typically is looking for the best home at the lowest price. Conley Home Inspections, LLC understands that the purchase price of a home can actually be the selling price plus the cost of repairs, if the problems are not discovered. A home in need of many repairs where the Owner is unwilling to pay for corrections may not be suitable for some buyer’s situation or lifestyle, which may cause the home go beyond financial reach. The home inspection report is often used as a negotiation tool with the seller on price and repairs. Let Conley Home Inspections, LLC assist you in removing the uncertainty from your home purchase, giving you peace of mind about your investment.

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