Re-Inspections (Repair Certification)

Often the home inspection report is used to develop a list of repairs for the home selling transaction known as the “Amendment to Address Concerns” which the Owner should complete prior to closing on the property. Depending on the type of repairs, buyers may want assurance that these repairs were completed properly according to industry standards and by licensed contractors, with permits when required. Often repairs are located on the roof, in the attic or in the electrical panel where buyers should not go. If repairs are being performed by the home owner themselves, a re-inspection is highly recommended as improper work is found more often since they typically will do work as fast and inexpensive as possible. The re-inspection service requires returning to the property to certify each repair was completed correctly.

All Conley Home Inspection Reports explain in detail the home’s problems, defects and needed repairs to be performed by specific licensed contractors and permitted. Good agents make sure everyone understands the issues and request receipts for any repair work performed by licensed professional contractors. When receipts are provided the re-inspection service will verify that the work was properly itemized and that the contractor was licensed when required and permitted when required. Each item in the ”Amendment to Address Concerns” is inspected and photographed. A short re-inspection report with photos will be provided that typically costs approximately 1/4-1/3 of the home inspection cost depending on the number of items to re-inspect. Ensure your safety and peace of mind in your investment and have Conley Home Inspections re-inspect your property to certify the repairs.