11th-month Builder Warranty Inspection

An 11th month Builder Warranty Inspection is a standard inspection that makes observations of the visible and apparent condition of the home. This includes the structure and all major systems and components and looks for minor issues unique to new homes. This inspection should be conducted during the 11th month of occupancy and prior to the expiration of the builder’s normal 1-year warranty period.

Builders are often receptive to repairing items that are listed on a certified home inspector’s report. Sometimes the warranty document is difficult to interpret. Conley Home Inspections, LLC understands the terms, parameters, standards and tolerances of materials as provided in these documents.

After our certified inspector examines the home, the owner will receive a comprehensive report complete with photos and listed defects. The report will help hold the builder and its’ subcontractors accountable and help streamline the repair process. A professional third party is essential to the protection of your property.

Conley Home Inspectors, LLC will do the following:

Extended Warranty
  • Perform a 11th Month of Occupancy inspection
  • Provide more detail than presented in a standard home inspection
  • Ensure that the new home is free of defects before the end of year 1
  • Help interpret difficult warranty documents
  • Provide a notice of repair requests that can be submitted to the builder

Don’t let your warranty expire without calling Conley Home Inspections, LLC.