Foreclosure Inspections

  • Discounted home often have multiple issues and defects
  • A home inspection is need to discover these issues
  • Foreclosed home typically have more concerns since they have been vacant
  • Banks typically are not willing maintain their properties
  • The detailed inspection report will help assess the condition of the property
  • Call us to arm yourself with the information necessary to help make your final decision

Unfortunately foreclosed bank owned properties exist in many subdivisions we drive through when searching for a home. Often these properties can be purchased at deeply discounted prices due to multiple issues or defects. This inspection service includes a typical standard home inspection, but also takes into account that most of these properties have been vacant for an extended period of time and extenuating circumstances my exist. Financial intuitions typically are not capable nor willing to maintain properly the foreclosed properties they control. Conley Home Inspections, LLC is aware of the typical systems that deteriorate and fail due to neglect, poor maintenance and vacancy.

It’s advisable that a buyer always get a home inspection before buying a property, particularly if buying a bank-owned foreclosure property. In many cases, vacant homes are not always well cared for and major damage could have occurred especially there has been water intrusion. The detailed inspection report will help clarify the issues in the home, so you can finalize the deal with peace of mind and have a good understanding of any needed repairs. However, if the inspection reveals a costly defects, you can decide to back out of the deal and possibly save thousands of dollars. Allow Conley Home Inspections, LLC to help you assess the condition of the foreclosed property that you have under contract.