Specialized / Custom Inspections

Specialized custom type inspections are necessary for particular customer circumstances that may include the following types:

  • Single Item Inspections (i.e. Moisture Intrusion & Moisture Issues)
  • Pre-offer quick inspection
  • Investor walk-thru Inspection
  • Picture only Inspection Limited Inspection
  • 4-Point Insurance Inspection
  • Aging-In-Place Inspection
  • Extra thorough Inspection
  • Code Inspection
  • Technical Inspection

Conley home inspections offers A-La-Carte or customized home inspections as well as specialized home consultations. Some of these custom inspections are watered-down home inspections focusing only on major systems and specific defects within the home. A consultation type inspection is essentially a picture only inspection with no written report. These type of consultation/inspections typically take about an hour to perform.

Some owners have a specific problem within their home that they are trying to figure out, or they just have a few particular issues that they want to have addressed. In these circumstances an A-la-carte or single item inspection can be the answer. The price of a troubleshooting type inspection is typically substantially less than the price of a full inspection. Often we end up doing almost a full inspection because the owner has several other issues that need investigation and we can get to the bottom of many issues in a short period of time.

“Aging-in-place” is a specialty inspection specifically for senior citizens. The home is assessed for its ability of the occupants to live independently in their homes for as many years as possible. The inspection is designed for those who want to age-in-place and live in their present residence and still secure any necessary support services to meet their changing needs. Clients will be provided with recommendations for home adaptations and corrections to improve accessibility, maneuverability and safety for elderly occupants.

Other more extensive home inspections can be performed as well including; extra thorough, code and technical type inspections. Call Conley Home Inspections, LLC if you need a specialized inspection that can be customized to your needs.