Pre-Drywall Framing & R/I Inspection

A pre-drywall inspection provides a throughout visual examination of the structural framing, their connections, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) rough-in trades that occur prior to installation of insulation and drywall.

At this stage of construction, the final wall finishes have not yet been installed, making it the opportune time to spot defects, damage and missing items. Discovering such defects, allows the builder time to make corrections before they become permanently hidden behind the drywall.

pre-drywall structural inspections

An independent inspector provides the owner with a different perspective.

Conley Home Inspectors, LLC offers:

  • Inspection prior to installation of insulation and drywall
  • Inspects structural framing members and connections as well as MEP rough-in work
  • Discovers problems early and corrects them before they are concealed
  • Is more thorough than a municipal code-only inspection
  • There are always mistakes discovered at every pre-drywall inspection
  • Prevents significant delays or costs

Call Conley Home Inspections, LLC to find those potential problems early in the process.