Seller / Pre-Listing Inspection

  • Increase your home’s marketability
  • Identify problems early
  • Give a realistic view of the current home condition
  • Make necessary repairs & corrections prior to listing
  • Provide documentation repairs were made based on inspection report
  • Reduce chance of buyer withdrawing offer
  • Help set a realistic fair-market selling price
  • Gain the knowledge you need about your home, call us today!

A pre-listing inspection is a standard unbiased home inspection, but performed for the seller either just before or after the home is listed on the market. One way to increase a home’s marketability is with n 3rd party prelisting inspection report, which can be used as a powerful step in the process of selling a home. A pre-listing inspection will identify issues prior to the buyer’s inspector discovering them and give the seller a realistic view of the property’s current condition.

This will afford the seller the option to correct problems early and make any necessary repairs prior to listing the house, or the seller could adjust the home’s price and disclose certain conditions. Either way, the seller is armed with the home inspection report and documentation of completed repairs (if any) making the home more marketable. In turn, this will reduce the chance of the buyer withdrawing their offer due to needed repairs or just a few minor deficiencies that were easily corrected. Also, by knowing the condition of the home’s various systems and structure this helps the seller and their realtor set a realistic fair-market price of the property based on its condition which was derived from the quality inspection report.

Having a pre-listing inspection performed can be the key to selling the home quickly or not. Conley Home Inspections, LLC provides sellers with high quality inspection report information that will help list a property with confidence, reducing the risks of buyer withdrawals and disappointments. So give us a call today.