Seller / Pre-Listing Inspection

The pre-listing inspection gives a seller the option to correct problems early and make any necessary repairs prior to listing a home. Another option is for the seller to adjust the home’s price and disclose certain conditions. Knowing the condition of the home’s various systems and structure will help the seller and realtor set a fair-market price of the property based on its condition derived in a quality inspection report.

A pre-listing inspection often helps in a rapid home sale. Conley Home Inspectors, LLC provide high-quality inspection report information that reduces the risk of buyer withdrawals. So give us a call today.
for sale sign in front of residential home

Reason for a Conley home inspection

  • An increase in a home’s marketability
  • Early identification of problems
  • A realistic view of the current home condition
  • An opportunity to make essential repairs and corrections prior to listing
  • Provides documentation based on inspection report
  • Reduces chances of buyer withdrawal
  • Sets a realistic fair-market selling price
  • The report contains conclusive knowledge about the home

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